Stable version

System Requirements



Latest stable version is 0.50

Source Tarball
xarchon-0.50.tar.gz [HTTP] [FTP]

FTP directory: For older versions, themes and assorted files, try looking at XArchon's anonymous FTP directory.

Pre-compiled binaries and source ports

System Architecture Link Maintainer
NetBSD any (source) ftp.netbsd.org Hubert Feyrer
Debian GNU/Linux i386 www.debian.org Daniel Burrows
Mandrake Linux i386 rpmfind.net Lenny Cartier
Windows (under Cygwin) - ftp.seul.org Shai Roitman

Note: You do not need to download Cygwin to use the Windows version, but you do need an X-server. XFree86 for Windows is the free version that works with Cygwin, and X-Win32 is a standalone paid version. You can download a free demo that works for 30 minutes.


Latest development version is 0.60

Source Tarball
xarchon-0.60.tar.gz [HTTP] [FTP]

Anonymous CVS

To obtain the latest code snapshot from anonymous CVS:

cvs -d:pserver:anoncvs@cvs.seul.org:/home/cvspsrv/cvsroot login
Type guest at the password prompt.

cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anoncvs@cvs.seul.org:/home/cvspsrv/cvsroot co games/xarchon

This will create a games directory with a xarchon directory inside, where XArchon code is.

If you have problems working with XArchon's CVS repository contact the project maintainer, xarchon@seul.org.

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