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Xarchon for Windows
September 16th, 2003
Shai Roitman has compiled a binary of version 0.50 for Windows using Cygwin. You don't need Cygwin to run it, but you do need an X-server. Details on the download page. Thank you Shai!

Seeking New Maintainer
September 16th, 2003
Although he'd love to keep working on XArchon, having an 8-month old daughter has really cut into Mike's time. If you're interested in becoming the XArchon maintainer, email mike@seul.org or the xarchon list. Maintaining isn't as hard as you might think, and Mike is always willing to help if you have questions.

3D XArchon Theme
February 20th, 2002
Joerg Osarek has been working on a theme using POV-Ray to render 3D models of the characters. He's just finished the Golem - that makes four done so far. Joerg invites you to try out the characters in your current install of XArchon, or contribute some of your own.

Version 0.60 Released
January 9th, 2002

Ronen Tzur has written a graphics toolkit that uses Qt. The GTK toolkit is still there, and it is set as the default. You can choose the Qt version of Xarchon by giving this argument to the configure script:

./configure --with-default-qt

Get version 0.60 from the download page and try it out. Tell us what you think!

Version 0.55 Released
October 5th, 2001
Apologies for the glacial pace of this project. In an effort to get the few existing updates out to the greatest number of people, version 0.55 has been released. It includes some improvements in field play.
There is also an option to play Archon II. That option is incomplete and does not work. That's why this is a development release.
Remember, XArchon will go faster if you help! Download the source, join the list, and tell us what you can do!

New Maintainer
April 16th, 2001
Mike Ciul has taken over maintenance of the project and interim maintenance of the website. If you'd like to be the new web maintainer, send a note to mike@seul.org or the xarchon list.

Site Revamped
September 13th, 2000
The site has been revamped. XArchon development has restarted, new versions should be out soon. The credits section has the names of the people actually working on it. If you feel like contributing to the project, the first thing to do is subscribe the XArchon mailing list. For directions on that check the Credits section.

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